Hi! I made this website because I’ve always had one and I have never used it so I thought “Hey why don’t I use my website!” Well it might have gone a bit different in my head. I had help from my mom on starting it and then I figured the rest out myself.  I used the twenty ten theme for my website. For the boarderline theme I  used teal (aka the best colour ever) and then I chose this head line picture because it is really pretty and there is something like that in my grandparents house so yeah I hope you like the design of this website. Bye!!!

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2 Responses to Intro

  1. bill wilosn says:

    hey my name is bill, i love this website you seem like groovy chick. wanna hang out sometime?
    im 37 and i’m from the San Francisco bay area, catch you later aligatoare.


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